Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Ricky's Radical Reinventions - BBC / Aardman

Fellow colleague and long time friend Ricky has landed himself a TV show...... Fantastic! A new 27 minute programme based on the original concept we wrote and directed for the Wallace and Gromit "world of invention" DVD extras went out on the CBBC channel on 26/03/12.

Offlined by my self in it's entirety the piece brings a combination of science, fun, stupidity and overall awesomeness. We were also blessed with Pete Lord and Dave Sproxton in trusting us with long serving Aardman legends Morph and Chaz... What a privilege, Cheers guys!

A real pleasure to be involved with. Look out for an appearance from me at 5.49 making a right racket!

Its on iplayer until 02/04/12 so have a look -----> CLICK HERE

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