Friday, 23 July 2010

Long time, no see!

Its been a while since I did anything with this blog which has been a combination of being simply too busy and not keeping it updated so its hard to update - does that make sense? Anyway here's a bit of what I have been involved in:

Axa insurance (Hurricane media with E3 media) *Clip selection/Keying*

The Last Airbender (Team Rubber for Paramount pictures) *offline edit*

Learn the Ancient Art of Air-Bending from Rubber Republic on Vimeo.

Peugeot Millesim Featuring Ginny Buckley (Hurricane media) *Offline edit*

Click the picture to view.

Leona Lewis Videos (Hello Charlie) *Clip selection/offline edit*

As these videos haven't been released yet obviously I can't post them here but here's a low-res version recorded during the concert:

They don't care about us

Don't let me down: (Rubbish quality)

Sophos Labs (Aspect film & Video) *Clip selection/Keying/Graphics/music/Sound mix/Grade*

Click picture to view

Click picture to view

Aardman Digital Showreel (Aardman Digital) *3d wonder world/Sound design/screen capturing/animated screen movements*

I'm waiting for Aardman to upload this to their site so once its up I'll link it through to here!

Recently I have also worked on a selection of pieces for Clients including:

- The sound Lab
- Olaus Roe
- Aardman Rights
- Aardman Broadcast
- Aspect film & Video
- Kinner Dufort
- Home
- Hurricane media

Outputting content for companies including:

- Paramount
- Lloyds bank
- National Trust
- Axa insurance
- Peugeot
- BP
- Castrol
- Simply health