Sunday, 12 June 2011

In the pipe-line....

2011... The year of opportunity? I like to think so, yes. With this in mind there's some interesting stuff coming up soon. Interesting, varied, technical and creative. The best of all worlds you could say.

I'm about to embark on a 3D project to be rolled out on a Nationwide scale. To be safe I'd best not reveal the name at the moment but they are a major manufacturer so I'm looking forward to embarking on 3D. Recent tests have proved fruitful and with thanks to some contacts in the industry most of all Jon from Hurricane media I'm looking forward to this one. Video should hopefully be up in a few weeks.

There is also another major project in the pipe-line but I really can't say anything on it at the moment other than its a biggie and something that could be really special! More to come when its A- confirmed and B - Legal to say!

Where's all the work examples then?

A funny couple of months! All though there's been plenty happening a lot of it has been going through various sign-off process or awaiting broadcast and for one reason or another I haven't been able put recent examples up. While awaiting being able to do this here's a few projects that I've been involved in.

Worlds 50 Best - live editing backstage at The worlds 50 Best restaurants presentation at the Guildhall in London.

My spot backstage:

And the winners video. Available and viewed on youtube less than 20 minutes after the event finished:

606 Club - London's world renowned Jazz club. Offline edit and substantial creative input into this stylized look into the clubs history form Jazz legend Steve Ruby.

4 Outputs soon to be avialable on This was a great fun edit. Quick cuts, Snaapy and to the point! (Offline/Online) Also responcible for selecting B-Roll footage for use on Cartoon network.

Various offline edits for a forthcoming campaign.

Offline edit for online commercial use. Color grading of various outputs.

A new mini-series of videos designed to inspire future users. (Offline/Online)

Various promotional pieces.