Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Sound Design on a cinematic scale!

Mr Ricky Martin and myself have had our heads buried in a big project that is soon to be unveiled. As we have both CO-Written and Directed the project (soon to be released through Aardman & BBC) its lovely to sit at the back of films@59and go through the final sound mixes. VERY exciting! More to come on release!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

MTV EMA 2010

I've just found one of the edits I worked on for the MTV EMAs 2010 which went out live on 07/11/10 internationally on MTV. I worked on the entire nominations package but I've only found this one (best video) online so far. It's not great quality & it cuts in crudely but it gives you a good look at the edit:

Best Hiphop:

Best Alternative (Excuse hideous title at start, it's clearly not mine!):

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Dubai & Abu Dhabi

As you do I got a call from Hurricane media asking me to go and edit on location in Dubai....2 days from the time of the call. Luckily I'd had a client pull out on me for that week so I was able to confirm the booking immediately.

In Abu Dhabi I worked directly behind the main stage at the Yasalam music concerts held in conjunction with the F1 that was going on the same weekend literally next to the track.

I edited a variety of outputs from Broll for the main stage and vox-pops that was used by both BBC World news and CNN International. I also created complete polished edits for Kelly Rowland, Sean Paul, Linkin Park and Prince and worked directly on other edits including Kayne West and Gabrielle.

The job was heavily labour intense involving digitizing from EXCAM cards, transcoding, project assembly/organisation & editing of the material (as it came in so edits would be ever evolving). I was in charge of and outputting, Broll to h.264 .movs (1024x576) and Web Edits to be used for internet promotion at 1280x720 h.264 .MP4s.

Not all of the outputs have been rereleased yet so I will update as they become available. Photos of locations also to come.
Heres a start though.

Beats on the beach:

Kayne West Live - I was not the primary editor on this piece however I did have direct influence and input into it:

Heres how CNN Used the Broll:

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Studio POV

For no reason at all heres the studio in choppy form..

End of an Era

Today the last of 10 Podcasts that I edited and some of which shot goes live on the Aardman site. I had the good fortune to work closely with Dave Sproxton on the pieces which was a pleasure. They were editited almost a year ago to the day and its lovely to see whats been happening in my editing world since then! Clcik the picture to see the podcast

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

MTV Awards 2010

For the last couple of weeks I've been editing the nominations packages for the MTV EMA awards to be hosted in Madrid.
The show goes out live on MTv on 07/11/10 so whack MTV on at 9pm to see what we've produced!
CLick on the link for more info from the MTV website

Saturday, 16 October 2010

September was Madness!

Wow, what a few weeks! It's all going on. Right so, a few things to catch up form below. The 'secret' Aardman project is due to be released in December and has been signed off by some major people so I'm extremely happy about that. I still can't say what it is but I can sat that I have co-written, co-directed, filmed and co-edited it . Watch out!

A more recent Aardman job which gives a firm nod towards good old fashioned fun and throws production values clean out of the 3rd floor window has been for Wallace & Gromit's world of invention. The site went live a couple of days ago from the good people in Aardman digital. I was brought in to help with my good friend and above mentioned co-director Ricky for a 'different' project.

Unfortunately it did send me a bit mad, here we are....failing... at 5 in the morning! Click the image below to load the piece.

And heres the contraption working, hooorahhhh!

More recent work has now bloomed, this time in the form of promotional material for the forthcoming 'Paranormal activity2'. This was with Team Rubber. I worked on edits for the supporting site http://www.paranormalsurveillance.com/

Here are some of the edits:

EMF from Paranormal Surveillance on Vimeo.

PS ENG 2 from Paranormal Surveillance on Vimeo.

PS ENG 3 from Paranormal Surveillance on Vimeo.

Monday, 27 September 2010

I've been working over the weekend for a project for team rubber which has some seriously cool outputs! Stay tuned for more as and when it gets released.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Aardman Digital Showreel

The showreel I made for Digital is now live! Check it out by clicking on the poster frame below..

New studio!

I've been spending some time converting one of the bedrooms in my house into my studio - I'm rather pleased with the results! Heres a picture:

Aardman calling!

So I'm back in aardman again this time for a few weeks. I'm not only editing but directing as well on a really exciting and unique project. Only problem is I can't say any more as its a secret project but I can say that it will be brilliant! More to come!......

Friday, 23 July 2010

Long time, no see!

Its been a while since I did anything with this blog which has been a combination of being simply too busy and not keeping it updated so its hard to update - does that make sense? Anyway here's a bit of what I have been involved in:

Axa insurance (Hurricane media with E3 media) *Clip selection/Keying*

The Last Airbender (Team Rubber for Paramount pictures) *offline edit*

Learn the Ancient Art of Air-Bending from Rubber Republic on Vimeo.

Peugeot Millesim Featuring Ginny Buckley (Hurricane media) *Offline edit*

Click the picture to view.

Leona Lewis Videos (Hello Charlie) *Clip selection/offline edit*

As these videos haven't been released yet obviously I can't post them here but here's a low-res version recorded during the concert:

They don't care about us

Don't let me down: (Rubbish quality)

Sophos Labs (Aspect film & Video) *Clip selection/Keying/Graphics/music/Sound mix/Grade*

Click picture to view

Click picture to view

Aardman Digital Showreel (Aardman Digital) *3d wonder world/Sound design/screen capturing/animated screen movements*

I'm waiting for Aardman to upload this to their site so once its up I'll link it through to here!

Recently I have also worked on a selection of pieces for Clients including:

- The sound Lab
- Olaus Roe
- Aardman Rights
- Aardman Broadcast
- Aspect film & Video
- Kinner Dufort
- Home
- Hurricane media

Outputting content for companies including:

- Paramount
- Lloyds bank
- National Trust
- Axa insurance
- Peugeot
- BP
- Castrol
- Simply health

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

1st Post Has to be a showreel.. Doesn't it?

Hello, as a temporary measure to kick things off lets get started with good old faithful - The showreel!

Showreel from Lawrence Bowden on Vimeo.